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BottledVideo.com Free Stock Footage in HD and 4K
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About bottledvideo.com

Founded on April 1st 2011 BottledVideo.com (a spin off of the family video production business) was launched to the public as resource for 100% free stock video footage.

After 20 years in the stock footage business I woke up one day and realized the stock footage industry has been very good to me and now it is time to give something back. Everything on this site is provided from our privately held archives is being made free for you to use in your video projects. We encourage you use the videos on this site in your own masterpieces. There are no gimmicks. There are no hidden fees. And there are no surprises. So please use our footage and tell your friends.

Links to our site are always welcome as are Blog postings, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube comments, etc. Help the spread the word about free video like I wish someone was able to do back when I was in school. Before I forget, on your way to the top, if you post a video with our footage anywhere please let us know so we can help get the word out for you.

David Schmerin - Fearless Leader and Jr. Bottle Washer