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Effective immediately BottledVideo.com Free Stock Footage will be discontinuing our unlimited daily free stock footage download program. Over the past 5 years BottledVideo.com has grown to over 1 Million legitimate users per month. In turn the number of not so legitimate users has also grown. Now, working to keep the free stock footage section of our service running has become 3 full time jobs.

Rest assured BottledVideo.com is not eliminating free stock footage entirely. At BottledVideo.com we will continue our Free HD Stock Footage Downloads of the Week program and announcements will continue to our Twitter followers @BottledVideo.

The “Free Download” button on every individual stock footage clip page at the bottom right corner of each preview clip will remain effective and unrestricted.

Look here for free stock footage download button on BottledVideo.com



Finally, on one random day per month for 24 hours our security algorithms will reset the prices of all the free stock footage back to free. This will be an automated process. BottledVideo.com will have no advance knowledge of the dates. BottledVideo.com will be unable to provide any advance notification.

To our many users over the past 5 years, we say thank you. We have appreciated all the good words and the better stories you have shared with us. It is each and everyone of you responsible for our reaching 1M users per month.  We started with the hope that in some small way we could change the world. Through the stories, films, and videos our our users we think we have.

Thank you for choosing BottledVideo.com


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