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Why Sponsor BottledVideo.com Free Stock Footage:


Who Uses BottledVideo.com Free Stock Footage & Why?

Jim Flud - Husband, Father, Oilman, MusicianJim Flud - Mr. Flud hails from Texas and is a husband, father, and proud Grandfather. Mr. Flud is also a musician, a man with a message, and a 1st Place Silver Telly Award winner for his video, "Home Sweet Home"

BuzzFeed.com - Honest Social Media

Buzzfeed Video - College Humor and as the name says, "The hottest most social content on the web. It is easy to see why their videos regulary garner in excess of 1M hits.

Christopher Maritini - On location filming Trooper

Christopher Martini - Independent Film Maker, Producer of "Trooper," and a film producer with a message, Mr. Martini is a man of many talents and many hats.

Yes, this is a very modest sampling of our 20 year customer base, yet illustrates a demographic relative to all BottledVideo.com Users

BottledVideo,com Free Stock Footage user represent a very filtered and targeted demographic! BottledVideo.com Free Stock Footage users have a statement to make and work to get as many visitors to that statement.

Why is this Demographic important? If your message captures the BottledVideo.com user, they are the very people to carry your message forward.


*News to BottledVideo.com*

Once we understood just how many eyes we had and for how long we had those eyes, someone came up with the idea of delivering 3rd party advertising (i.e. Google Adwords, BuySellAds, etc). We had the space.

With only a little research into 3rd party advertising networks it did not take us long to determine that these 3rd party advertising services were a pretty bad idea for many reasons:

The opposite is true in terms of cost if your CPC advertising campaign is hugely successful. When paying on a Per Click basis by generating too many clicks; you will pay too much. When an advertiser pays per click, the more clicks received the more the advertiser pays with no guarantee of return. Whereas if you were to place a fixed cost billboard along a busy highway, the more cars that pass by the billboard the better the return on investment for your advertising dollars. The more time those people passing your billboard are forced to view your billboard, again, the better your return on investment will be.


AdBlocking Tool Useage Statistics The biggest threat to online advertingIf The User Can't See Your Message The User Can't Absorb Your Message



 BottledVideo.com’s Solution



The BottledVideo.com Mission: Consistency to the sponsor just like a billboard by being in the same place, all the time, and with the same message day in and day out. The 2016 elections are closing in fast and will here before we know. If you have a message that you want to keep in front of a large number of eyes for an extended period of time, BottledVideo.com may have the solution you require.

The BottledVideo.com objective is to continuously make your impression on voters, even if they never click the ads.

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities or to simply learn more about what a sponsorship of Free Stock Footage on BottledVideo.com can mean for your business or organization please contact: