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Video Contest

2016 Stock Footage Awards:

Race to The White House

Video Contest


Q: Who can make the best political video using nothing but stock footage from BottledVideo.com?

The 2016 US Presidential elections are just around the corner and that means it is Video Contest time! Anyone can enter as many times as they like and there are no costs or entry fees. All you have to do is produce a video related to the upcoming election using nothing but free downloaded stock footage from BottledVideo.com. When your masterpiece is ready submit a link to your video. Entry videos will then be collected and republished on the BottledVideo.com YouTube channel. Of the videos posted to our YouTube channel the video with the most number of "Likes" will be deemed the winner.


  1. Using nothing but downloaded free stock footage from BottledVideo.com, produce a video related to the 2016 US Presidential election
  2. The subject of your video must relate in some way to the 2016 US Presidential election but they can be for issues and not candidates.
  3. Politeness is not required but encouraged never the less.
  4. Funny, witty, or sarcastic is always good.
  5. Rude, Mean, Vulgar, and Profane will NOT be tolerated.


How do i get the free footage to make my video?

Every clip on BottledVideo.com has a "Free Download" tab at the bottom right of the video clip preview player. Just click the link and select Save. No account or registration is required to download stock footage clips using the "Free Downloads" tab. Do not use the Add to Cart button for free downloads.

Look here for free stock footage download button on BottledVideo.com


Can I add Audio, Music, or Voice Over

You are welcome to add anything you like in terms of music, audio, overlays or keys, and voiceover. However, if you are going to add music, make sure you have the rights to use the music. Any videos that contain copyrighted music will not be allowed.


What do I do when my video is finished and posted online?

Once your video is completed and posted online, send and e-mail to Info@BottledVideo.com with the subject, "Video Contest" and the location to your video. Our robots will collect your video, post the video to the BottledVideo.com YouTube channel, then e-mail you the location details. After that it is up to you to encourage as many "Likes" for your video as you can.


When will the final Winner/s be selected?

The final winner/s will be selected and announced by September 8, 2016, 1 month piror to the election. If we receive enough entries we will break the videos into categories such as Music Video, Position Statement, Candidate / Campaign ads, etc. so we can have multiple winners.


How do I win?

Winning is the easies part of all of this. Once you receive a link notification that your video is posted, get as many people as you are able to "Like" you videos on our YouTube channel. Winners will be chosen by BottledVideo.com from the top "Like" receivers.


What do I get if I win?

  1. Bragging Rights
  2. Winners will have their videos remastered by BottledVideo.com using only original source HD & 4K video
  3. Winners will receive clean unwatermarked HD copies of their video
  4. Bragging Rights
  5. A coupon good for not (1) but (2) free Blizzards from Dairy Queen
  6. (1) Really Cool "Winners" T-Shirt. Yet to be designed sure to become a collectors item.


Anything Else?

Well in terms of full disclosure this is not a real contest by any traditional sense. Rather this is BottledVideo.com's way of encouraging people to participate in the election process. The goal is for people to have fun and to make a real difference. We have the stock footage and you have the talent. What rules there may be are subject to change at any time. All "Winners" and rule changes will be at the sole discretion of BottledVideo.com